Updates from this project and on to the next one. And a shout out to a friend.

by alexander johnny

Firstly before I start into any crazy rants, or start pushing more information your way about healthy living, mindfulness, philosophy, and the horrible elite people running the world, let me set out with a brighter note. A friend has asked me a favor so I had to oblige with this shout out.

Cameron came to me, among other bloggers putting their thoughts out their on the interwebs, to ask a favor. His wife, Heather, is a surviving woman of phenomenal strength who is making strides daily while attempting to share her story and notify others of the dangers of asbestos and mesothelioma. You can find her full story and help support this couple while they spread word and help to raise awareness that mesothelioma is still affecting many today and it can be avoided if proper actions/precautions are taken. The least I can do is help pass along their story and their info in order to help you know, and help others realize what she has been through.

Heather. You are an inspiration.

Here is her website: mesothelioma.com. You can also find her on “the ‘Book.”

Cheers Heather and Cameron. All the best from me.


In order to segway into my next phase of life and new projects, I have the new website up that I have been rambling about for some time now. It is with great happiness that I can bring this new project to you under my new brand, and an update has been made to allow you to follow all of the new updates there via email. If you have joined my adventures throughout this past year, and would like to continue, I urge you to click here to go to alexanderjohnnybeat.com and follow me.

I have enjoyed the passions, pursuits, sadness and sacrifice that have come with this blog and the adventures that helped to create it. It saddens me to lay down such a memory-filled piece of art, but there has to be a time for any artist when they lay down one work and push on towards the next. The new. I am growing and progressing. This is my next step in order to continue pressing my creative endeavors into a new and fresh existence. I hope you will continue with me and allow me to share with you. If you don’t follow the website, I would still enjoy an email from time to time as well, which you can send through my contact form.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This is not good bye, but this will be my final and last post on ajourneyofsorts.wordpress.com. I will leave the site live in order to reference the posts and past adventures and for you to do the same. You are all amazing people for keeping in touch and giving me feedback/support throughout the past year. Be well. Peace earthlings. Live long and prosper. (Nerd quote.)


Alexander Johnny