Time flew by.

by alexander johnny

Well, it looks like it has been three weeks since my last update on receiving letters from friends. Wow.

The city here definitely does sleep, and so do I but it seems that somehow time has slipped away from me as I have put so much effort and time into apartment hunting, and then following up with a dramatic move to the new man-cave in the midst of a torrential snowfall in the dead of night. Not the choicest of times to move, but was I excited to sleep that first night in my very own, downtown bachelor pad? You bet I was. I slept on the floor while a pile of life’s essentials and items I have collected from my travels and year in Denver lay strewn next to me. Snow continued falling outside and I slept soundly. Now here I am, a couple of weeks into this new space and have begun to try and settle into a groove, but the art has been nonexistent unfortunately. I like to have my space comfortable and livable, and perhaps have a chair to sit in while working, and have since then found such items, and will be jumping back into my endeavors like a mad man.

Funny story about a chair. (I know, suspenseful opening line to a story right?) Anyways, I came about receiving a chair this very afternoon, so I consider myself very fortunate and grateful. Upon pulling up to the building, I was given the opportunity to hold the door open for a cute girl, who happened to be my neighbor across the hall, and had her hands full with groceries. I shared in small talk with her and we carried conversation into her place where she invited me to sit. We sat at her table and found many shocking similarities between us. Love that.

She graciously offered me to borrow one of her dining table chairs after hearing of my lacking situation, and now here I sit. Amazing.

I love good neighbors. 


My writing has been scarce, as I have been putting more focus into the music itself when possible, or otherwise serving tables to make that bread cash, know what I’m sayin’? Much of my freelance has been put off in the meantime as well as I try to get a more grounded footing. So here goes nothing, after this week. Let the awesomeness commence. The website was even put on hold as well. (gasp) I know.

That should be finally up shortly after redoing photos and touching up the layout a tad. I think my family is beginning to question where I have been as well, after receiving texts and calls from them wondering where I have been or if I was still breathing. This made me realize how much I really put my nose into what I am focused on. I can get caught up so easily and often forget what is going on outside of my man-made, invisible bubble. I need others to come up and just pop it sometimes. Give me a refresher.

So here’s to not sleeping, setting up foundations, and starting fresh. You can all do the same in your own unique ways, whether through trying out a new project, or just getting rid of some life clutter. Clear up some physical clutter or even that mental/spiritual blockage that keeps you from being you. I probably should get some rest though.

The blood moon is tonight. Keep your eyes to the heavens.


Alexander Johnny