Back from the (FREEZING) midwest.

by alexander johnny

Just back from Chicago and O-H-I-O in the past week. It was pretty awesome to see family and friends. I missed them a lot. The midwest, though extremely cold, was a nice steamy cup of homestyle goodness. Very soothing and welcoming. I know that I preach and throw a lot of philosophical jargon in your faces about making your home wherever it is that you rest, but the thing is, there are always those ties you hold on to from some previous location or setting. I am not dwelling on the past, but I do hold that certain place with a certain love. SO for just this once, I will shut my loud mouth and let you have your moment, your cake and yes, you can scarf it down as fast as you want. Before dinner even! For those of you I was not able to see due to bad weather, and/or conflicting schedules, I am sorry. Here are some great shots from the trip so you can pretend like you were there freezing your buns off with me. Enjoy. I will be making some crazy-mad changes coming up here in the next couple of months with the living situation, the travels to new, extremely far destinations perhaps, and some pretty awesome work opportunities that have come up. Keep it classy. But not pretentious classy. No one likes a pretentious a**hole who pushes their way through, trodding on the masses. Just be Ron Burgandy classy.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on the new project and the new video.

Peace and love.
-Alexander Johnny

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