The silent return.

by alexander johnny

Hello to all brothers and sisters,

I am happy to say that I returned this weekend from backpacking in the wilderness of Utah. It has been weird not posting photos daily for all of you, but I know you made due and kept on. The trip was an escape from the city and quite an adventure. Completely cutting out from tech for a while was exactly what the doc ordered and I gladly accepted. It was blisteringly cold, but the land was scenic and gorgeous, presenting views not often seen in this desert landscape, due to a thick fog layer that hung lazily over us for days. Both wet and saturated, the air slipped through our protective clothing and created a difficult living experience but we were able to experience rare views not many get to witness, with the odd weather, as we stuck it out for the week. I hope you enjoy the photos to follow, as we made our way through the wild canyons and desert plains. We came across artifacts from western cowboys of the ’20s and Native Americans, slot canyons that gave us trouble breathing while sliding through, and an amazing feeling of connection to the natural.

I am looking forward to continuing my portfolio now that I am back, but with much more of a focus on the experience and the goal setting, as opposed to sitting in front of the computer non-stop. Keep an eye on upcoming posts as I will keep the photos active on my continuing journey, but with a slower pace than the daily photos, as I intermingle those with other interesting writings, philosophies and lyrics. Peace and love. -Alexander Johnny

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