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"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth." – HDT

Month: August, 2013


So after getting back to town and racing around playing catch up, I was able to get into a couple of different computer repair shops. I’m sitting in a local Denver cafe with a heavy heart, because it seems that I have physical damage to my hardrive. Basically, in transparent terms, I have lost all of my work on the upcoming portfolio. The upcoming work was all based upon my recent travels in the west, where my brother and I lived out of our packs. Great times. If I end up forking over a chunk of money there may be some files that can be recovered, but at this point it is not an option with just having traveled home to see the family in Ohio and the typical bills.

This will be a completely fresh start for the artist and for the brand. I hope to bring you some good stuff in the near future as I re-establish a new foundation of work out here with my brother. This new window of opportunity, though brought on by solemn circumstances, seems to be something I needed. I can toss out the past that was hoarded on my drive and begin to look ahead. This is a very similar event to me selling off all of my posessions before leaving my home almost a year ago for the road and the unknown adventures that awaited me.

Don’t feel bad for me, but help me celebrate and I hope you will help share in the energy of this new chapter that has been on the rise and now IS. In the meantime I welcome you to gander at some previous works I had uploaded on to Behance for fun. There are some interesting works on there and a few recent projects I have started as well. Keep an eye on that while the repairs to my baby laptop are made and walk this new chapter of life with me.

Awesomeness is an attitude. Peace.

-A. Johnny.

Oh and p.s. I was going to include a new photo in this post but for some reason it will not upload. Part of the wonders of blogging from the phone I’m sure. I will try to post it soon, perhaps with a quick lyric or quote.


Denver. 26 hours later.


Well, after 26 hours on the road, driving straight back from Ohio, my brother and I considered ourselves kings of the road. We were welcomed across the border by this beautiful view of our sinking sun quickly being swallowed up by the low-lying clouds on the horizon. We soon found out after reaching the limits of the city, that those clouds were in fact a thunderstorm that opened the sky up with a brilliant display of lightning.

Some unfortunate news I should probably share with you, is that while out in OH my hard drive decided to quit on me so I am working computerless for now without an idea when I will be back up and running. So plan on seeing some short and sweet posts in the near future, which is about all I can handle, working from this tiny phone. The longer writings and awesome ideas I have floating around will just have to wait to be written down.

Be well.


To speak. To act.


I can withhold from dragging others but that does not mean I will not speak what is needing spoken or show the way to those lost.


This is awesome. Thanks Dyan.

Be Inspired!

You are beautiful

I recently watched a television show that featured a young man who started making little stickers.  The stickers said, “You are beautiful.”  He started putting them everywhere.  Just little reminders for people.   Then he started a project and printed out stickers and sent them to people all around the world.  And those people started posting up the little stickers everywhere.

I’m not affiliated with this site at all – I just love the idea of sharing this amazing message.  A couple of little sticker-messages has grown to a worldwide movement.  And that’s beautiful.  Here’s the link to his site:  http://you-are-beautiful.com/

You never know what one small gesture of kindness will lead you to.  But it’s always good.

(You can click on the picture to enlarge it, then click your back browser button to get back to this page. Please feel free to save and/or share!) Photo credit: Dot Thorman

You can…

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A tiresome wait makes for anxious individuals ready to act.


“I am tired of waiting for your revolution.”

The generations are changing, the times are transforming.

The “American Dream,” the capitalism, the commercialism, the consumerism. They are dying ways.

We sleep,
we dream,
we do,
we live.
An apparent truth is easy to ignore when everyone else is living the lie as well. Be calm and strong. -Alexander Johnny.

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