What if money didn’t matter?

by alexander johnny

This writer brings up a good question/argument that I am often confronted with or that many people bring up when I’m in conversation with them. Watch this video and be inspired. Simple as that. The nitty-gritty and the obstacles will be handled as they come. Do not simply dismiss the whole idea of doing what you desire simply because the list of cons in your head begins to cumulate. You’re already defeating yourself then. Take care and explore. Thanks to the author of “Being Stuck Sucks” for this.

Being Stuck Sucks

My dilemma: on the one hand, if I followed pure passion at this point in my life like this video urges, would I be able to support my family?What if my passions are travel, hiking, reading? How does my family fit into pursuing those?

On the other, am I not meant to accept and be grateful for what is? How does totally changing everything and pursuing my passion fit into accepting and being grateful?




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