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"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth." – HDT

Month: July, 2013

Keeping a promise.

“If you promise someone something, keep it.” – A friend.


It's my very first instagram photo. Look at me, I'm all grown up and fancy now, using instagram. Here's my site: http://www.instagram.com/alexanderjohnny


A few new changes.

To all of the gorgeous people who are connected to my blog in one form or another. This is a simple post. Quick. To the point.

There are many changes happening in this world, and that being said, change does not need to be viewed as a bad thing even though it is often times associated with a negative connotation and unfamiliarity. View the change as it is and let the good come of it instead of always assuming the worst. Furthermore, “ajourneyofsorts” is undergoing said changes as well, and will soon be moving its location. Do not worry. The writing and blogging along with new photography will still be maintained and updates will be provided throughout so as to not lose or leave anyone behind in the abyss that we call the internet.

While updates are being made and new elements configured, take a moment to follow this new twitter account, (you know you want to) which will be an easy way for everyone to stay in touch and up to date. Follow me here. 

Thanks so much for all of your support as we continue to grow and learn from each other. Don’t inhibit yourself from chasing down a dream just because you don’t think it can be done. Your thoughts change everything, and those thoughts lead to action. Let those thoughts lead to positive action and become who you want to be. Help each other out. Wear sunscreen. Cheers mates. -Alexander Johnny

A unique article to come across.


Image from Westword’s headline article “Free For All.”

I am one to take a day, and instead of following a specific agenda, I follow no set of rules or guidelines, no schedules or meetings and proceed to do for myself whatever it is I want. An artist day. Today is that day, and if you are keen on finding more time for yourself, or just would like to spur some more creativity and drive, then I urge you to do the same. You can literally do whatever you want. It’s that simple. Go to a new part of town, go to a shop, go for a trail hike, go do whatever. But don’t meet with friends. Just go on your own and let the experience happen.




Here is an article I came across while on my own outing today. Very unique and interesting that it was just sitting on the table I sat at. http://www.westword.com/2013-07-25/news/living-off-the-grid. It speaks of off-the-grid living from a free periodical that you can find around the city.


Alexander Johnny.


P.S. go take your artist day, and let me know how it goes or what insights you come up with. Thank me later.

What if money didn’t matter?

This writer brings up a good question/argument that I am often confronted with or that many people bring up when I’m in conversation with them. Watch this video and be inspired. Simple as that. The nitty-gritty and the obstacles will be handled as they come. Do not simply dismiss the whole idea of doing what you desire simply because the list of cons in your head begins to cumulate. You’re already defeating yourself then. Take care and explore. Thanks to the author of “Being Stuck Sucks” for this.

Being Stuck Sucks

My dilemma: on the one hand, if I followed pure passion at this point in my life like this video urges, would I be able to support my family?What if my passions are travel, hiking, reading? How does my family fit into pursuing those?

On the other, am I not meant to accept and be grateful for what is? How does totally changing everything and pursuing my passion fit into accepting and being grateful?




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Hard work, good intentions, positive energy and a bit of help and trust in others really does produce more wealth than money. That is all. – A. Johnny

The silence and stillness.


Very relative to what I was saying in my previous post.

Thanks to friends at Earth We Are One Facebook for this one. Ewao.net.

An immediate effect of natural state

Brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers,

My previous blog posts have been rather dreary, but if you have read, then you will know that they do not come without purpose or reason. I do think these times have challenged me in a necessary and very time-relevant manner in order for me to grow and develop what parts of my life were lacking at this present time. Thanks for your support and for all of your readership. It has been a bit unnerving for me to leave the blog without any new writing on it for such long periods of time and a bit overbearing to me when I let that happen. I feel that I should write when I know the feeling is there to write, but even then, I was not writing. It was an internal battle. It is my hope to keep a steady pace of news for you to follow, in addition of course to visual aids and a supply of new and upcoming art pieces as well. That is all in the works. It has been a rocky start but I will not back down.

The immediate response I speak of, comes in the form of our natural state and coming back to that. The falling away from our natural state or simply living away from it is something many go through day in and day out. We suffer, we strive, we stress, we celebrate. It’s an up-and-down rollercoaster with goals in sight at the end, but the entire way to that goal seems to be battling you tooth and nail. I’m hoping to shed some light on this topic in that goals are well and good, but constantly looking towards greener grass causes you to miss that present happiness, through that present state of living.

I was pleasantly and immediately brought back to that state of peaceful being and contentment through a simple, though much-needed, yoga session yesterday. I had not been in days, mainly due to all the running around the city, job-hunting and such, and because my pennies were being spent on that running around. In order to redeem this, I successfully set up a work-trade with a local studio, and was able to attend my first, free session though their awesome program and will be able to continue my practice while simply offering up a few hours of my time each week.

I suppose this is getting long-winded, so to drive my point home, this simple session of yoga took all of that built-up angst from the past couple of weeks and threw it out the window. I put myself back in a place where I am calm and strong. A free and clear spirit brings your mind away from all the busyness and will give you clarity. For me, this result came from yoga. For you it may be another practice or moment. Stop putting that off and just let yourself and your spirit get what it needs. So much of the day is spent running around and crossing busy work off of these mundane lists we make for ourselves. Believe me, my lists are a bit wild right now, but for no reason, should we let that take us away from our natural and peaceful stillness that is living life. You may ask, “Why would I want to be still in life, when life is all about growth and process?” To shed light further, this stillness I speak of is not the actual act of sitting still, but is a state of being. A state that allows you, as the being, to be fully present and still with whatever it is you may do, whoever it is you may be. Your “stillness” will go with you wherever it is you may go. Whatever distractions or obstacles arise, will be easily weighed and overcome as your peaceful stillness gives you a very enlightened wisdom of reaction. Soak that in and breathe.


Two quotes from Sarah at Root Yoga last night:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ― E.E. Cummings

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”― F.Scott Fitzgerald

Good bye for now. – Alexander

Consumed by this city.


I am getting anxious and feeling a bit consumed by this city at the moment. It’s funny how something so large and diverse as a city, so multi-faceted with so many different things going on, made up of so many different people, can take on this single shape to me. It takes on this form, and becomes a whole. It becomes an entity. Its energy is massive and I feel it like a bearing weight. This is a challenge as I look to become more and grow more, yet being back in a city is difficult as I’m reminded of old ways of living.

The times have been stressful with so much emphasis being put on meaningless jobs and job hunting. It takes so much out of a person, who then attempts to put forth, to produce, to continue art and writing while running on spiritual fumes. The butter is spread pretty thin right now and the batteries will be needing a recharge.

It is my plan to grab a bicycle as soon as possible (hopefully next week) and take to the streets, to the outskirts, and let that raw, black asphalt carry my wheels to the hills where there can be a peace that I am in need of within my soul. Then I will bring that back with me in a way that will cascade throughout my life and my work. You may be wondering, “why would he need to go grab the peace from elsewhere when that very peace is found within him and has been there the entire time?” In hoping that I can explain it to you, I fully believe a person creates their own peace, but there are times when loss of focus, or being too mindful of meaningless and trivial matters, takes us away from this peace as the busy thoughts begin racing and racing throughout our heads. It is when seeking out those physical and non-physical spaces of solitude that I spoke of in the previous post, that I can return back to my roots and become still again. So yes, it was with me the entire time, but will I travel to another physical space outside of the city in order to “find it?” You bet I will.

Thanks so much for hearing me out through this venting session. Do not hesitate to seek out your own spaces for a peaceful recharge, but remember to carry it back with you, wherever it is that you go. Spread it.

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