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"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth." – HDT

Month: March, 2013

try saying these mantras.


try saying these at times. you’ll be surprised by the positive energy that results in your life.

from the insightful minds here at the mind unleashed facebook. you’re awesome.


3.31.13. easter sunday from across the country.

we got back to the farm house the other day, to see that there was a package on the doorstep. to our surprise, it was addressed to adam and i. we opened it up as soon as we got inside to find a whole treasure trove of sweets and snacks for rosie and us bros from our lovely mother. even though we were unfortunately unable to be home for family gatherings and spending the holiday together, it was awesome to receive that gift, knowing she put the thought into it. thanks mom! for anyone else out there who is in the same boat and has to spend the holiday away from family, why don’t you give them a call or just send them some good vibes. couldn’t hurt right? peace and love to all my bruddahs an sistas mon. don’t be hatin’

3.30.13. saturday. bright eyes

there have been some good days here at the farm and there have been some great days. the rain is pattering on the window sill outside, and it’s getting a bit late so i will try to be brief for sake of sleep. the five of us have bonded pretty closely in the past two weeks. tonight was the official two week mark, though not much time in the long run, it feels like months have gone by since we arrived at the farmhouse, afloat in a vast sea of almond orchards, mountains standing in the distance. our day-to-day activities consist of working on getting the sustainable garden started at the different locations, or just having a low-key, relaxing cup of joe while taking turns making breakfast. communal dinners in the evenings bring a lot of laughter, with numerous talks of possibility and change, of thank yous, gratitude and blessings. the neighbors may think us a bit weird, but leading yoga sessions in the backyard feels awesome and there’s no denyin’ that refreshed vibe flowin’ through your body after a rigorous hour of stretch and meditation. not to mention any of the random jam sessions that break out for no apparent reason other than, at that particular moment in time, music was all that seemed right. a contagious mix of energy and vibration. with spring holidays upon us and certain people gathering to celebrate, it is my hope that everyone finds something they are grateful for, and a peace can come from that. i once heard that instead of fasting or giving up bad habits for this time of year, that one should promise to take up a hobby, or a day-to-day, all around good gesture, whether for one’s self or for the good of others. now, i realize the time for this motion of setting down these bad habits has pretty much come and gone, but who really needs a time of year or a religion to tell them when to start changing for the better. i’m sure you’re all creative enough to think up some way to change on your own, or at least offer up a kind, daily gesture to another. why not be rebellious and just start now, instead of listening to set guidelines and traditions? I’m going to bed with that on my mind and will let you know what my idea will be tomorrow. when this post finds you, i urge you to do the same and begin to make changes. you may get discouraged after a week or so, but keep in mind all of the good you could be doing. if you need reassurance, message me, email me, text me, whatever your style is, and i’d be happy to offer up an encouraging word.

peace and love,

alexander johnny,
a road beat

adam says to start makin’ changes or the “encouragement stick” might have to give you that initial boost… joking. We are really not violent road bums. just hungry once in a while.

3.29.13. friday. a new hat.

i apologize ahead of time for the following photos, as a person of humble attitude i normally would not put such a slew of selfs up on the blog, but in order to show the excitement and communion that went into celebrating the hat that i recently crocheted, it was a necessary evil. laughing required.
adam, meanwhile, was working on his next wire wrap piece, so we’ll be sure to post that when it is finished, and let us know what you think. the creative ideas are flowin’ and we have some new music coming up as well, though not planned at the moment, i can feel it risin’ up from the music spirits inside me, it’s a risin’, and riiisin’.
oh and then justin decided to join in on the hat celebrations with his own flair. so much flair it put t.g.i. fridays to shame. they cried in the corner like a wallflower at a jr. high dance. i felt bad so i went and invited them to dance. cheers. happy friends.

IMG_2385 IMG_2388 IMG_2392 IMG_2397 IMG_2398 IMG_2399 IMG_2403 IMG_2404 IMG_2405 IMG_2412 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2449 IMG_2466

p.s. if you would like a hat, article of clothing, or any other possibility you could possibly imagine that could posssibly perhaps be created from a fiber, or perhaps would like to possibly see made from fiber, just let me know. i’m interested to see what comes up.

an undeniable truth of truth.

from the mind unleashed on facebook.

one happy nomad girl


the story that is taking place as i write this. the life of joys, struggles and passion, seeing it through till the end, of dropping the frayed pieces of a “normal” life, getting into a van, hands on the steering wheel, and cruising out into the sea of wilderness and highway that is america. join the rest of us, as we eagerly await to see where this girl takes us next, traveling with her through her writings and experiences, growing with her in the midst of a shifting world. get lost in happiness.

peace and love in all you do anastassia, from your brothers of the road, adam jay and alexander johnny, road beats.


fresh. 3.28.13. thursday.

from early morning pancakes, to helping in the garden or on neighbor’s farms. it has all been an interesting and healing take on life thus far. we are growing food and helping to change the community while helping to change ourselves too. i am thankful for this wholesome food and the freedom to eat/grow what i want, in light of all of the talk on big business and food issues taking place recently. we all have the freedom and choice to not purchase from these greedy biz folk, so i urge you to take note and create your own changes. i leave you to enjoy these ridiculous photos.


nutritious. did i mention adam is a master chef? organic of course.


never wake a man from a jazz trance

IMG_2329 IMG_2331 IMG_2332

separate but together. 3.28.13. thursday.

“we will all leave from our tribe to go separate ways, while taking with us, experiences from this time together and pieces of each other in our hearts.” – kristine.

a quote not unrelated to much of life, and relationships, in that we can go on with our lives, taking in what we learn from others and allowing it to better ourselves, in order to progress and benefit the happenings, ideas, lifestyles, culture and communities around us. thank you kristine. chooseyourdays.com

if interested in changing more of your outlook on reality in the sense of culture and how our planets ethnicity interracts, look at wade davis’ tedtalk below. i believe you will gather another view of how ideas work outside of your town, your state, your country, and more importantly, your culture: 

the man and the bird

there was a man. ingrained in his mind was a world of control, of choice only through his own decision. all consequence, cause and effect, only materials and organisms. this man was taken in by his beloved society. he learned from it. he was raised by it, believing it is the only and it is all that is right. this same system, so kind and grand, was consuming him slowly, just like every being and thing contained within. consuming, using, dying. the light, wisdom and helpful words of another who has seen other ways of life, of new meaning, was a flame. all of the sickness and old filth built up from the original system; the kindling. starting slowly in the corner and gradually growing and burning. a little flame, so simple and innocent, is one day cast upon by a force not unlike gasoline, poured uncontrollably, and with deliberate haste, nearly killing the man. a little flame springs to life. the space and filth are engulfed in a sudden and violent ball of heat, an energy never experienced before. the original structure of the man, the inner workings and framework built up and lovingly caressed by the original system are collapsing, charred wood and ash. a dark smoke; by-products of the filth and decay, envelops the air. everything of the consuming system, is itself, consumed by the growing force. all prior thought patterns; carbon. as if by glorified essence, a bird is rising from the carbon ashes. rebirth in a sense. another life. another dance.
the systematic clock, of measure, tooled by man, is destroyed in the blaze. it’s hands, stopped, it’s tick, silent. the measurement is gone. the bird shows us a new measure of man, not by any tool or instrument. we take flight, wings pushing through the dense, black air to new heights, where a golden beam breaks through. a pathway is shown as the bird breaches into new freedom. a new awakening of the highest planes. pure joy. simple, elegant, peaceful existence. to not want this for one’s self or for humanity is out of the question. to fly, to be free, to live in the heavens where a purity and zeal is true, not manufactured through false idols or petty increments of measure. it is from this breach that many others will follow. their paths need not be the same for such a result to take place though.
no longer just a physical man, the spirit bird is fiery and has allowed him to reach a new plane, to become that of two worlds. to exist among the angelic and higher presence. there is a balance. a man, now a soaring bird, has it’s gaze fixed upon this balance, this new existence that will be. the man and the bird, as one, are key.


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