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"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth." – HDT

Month: February, 2013

more from 2.4.13.

a few more photos sent to me by sparks from our hike in muir. she’s the best.






enjoy real conversation when it is taking place. enjoy the peaceful solitude and presence of silence between. a life does not need to be defined by the amount of words a person can pour out of their face. listening to others is well and good but taking it all to heart no matter what, is not. learning from this, a person can realize the mind is a tool and can be set aside, just like any other. switched off. (look into eckhart tolle’s works.) in this way, the objects we call thoughts will fade, and a true experience or sense of being can be realized. try it. start with simple breathing exercises.

he is pretty insightful. http://www.eckharttolle.com


saturday night, it’s windy out, you can hear it whipping against the windows. we are slowly starting to get to bed. the skyline is flickering down in the distant valley. it has been a while since leaving kunhui and john’s home, we had stayed at josh’s for several nights near hollywood. it was great seeing my good friend again, along with his great girl, connie. we met his roomy pride as well. really good guy. we shared some amazing meals there, with everyone pitching in to cook different nights, and shared in some good laughs as well. i had a great time staying there and i have to admit, it was like having a taste of the life we left behind, and i appreciated it for that, but we have to keep carrying on with this unknown path into the new. we are now at a couchsurfer, nicole’s place in the west hills, where her and her family have invited us in to stay. we have been here for 24 hours and it has been great. a very relaxing day, meditative and calm, on the hill. we got to sleep in today like a lazy weekend at home, and nicole prepared a delish breakfast. we gladly offered to make dinner tonight to return the favor and as a thank you. once everything was prepped and complete we were able to sit down together, nicole, her mother and brother and adam and i, and it was a moment; a table of what were practically strangers a day ago, able to sit down in communion and share a meal like a family. inspiring. her mother, georgeann, thanked us for cooking this evening and i thought she was going to tear up. she is a great lady and i was happy we were able to thank her for the place to stay, even if it was as simple as an act of cooking, because I could tell she appreciated it, and that alone was worthwhile.



santa clarita and outside of la. many stories and adventures behind us of generosity, caring spirits and also of hardships, tests of patience. i will miss all of those individuals who shared experiences with us on this journey so far.


the kind family who took us in from the side of the road when we were dropped in santa clarita. thank you kunhui and john for your amazing hospitality.

IMG_1997 IMG_1999


our journey took us to santa cruz by way of a man in a van who called himself river, and his pup, ghost dog. we stayed over a week in the city, staying here and there.


staying on the beach proved cold, but the shots at dawn i took proved breathtaking.


my first broken string, while camping on the beach

IMG_1962  IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1977

the second part of the week took us up to ucsc where we couchsurfed with jeff.


pretty normal morning. deer head. skillet of breakfast. jeff was a great guy to let us stay.


his camper was full of little pieces of wall art


the seventy foot tree we climbed to the top of, overlooking the ocean.


inside the cozy trailer


jeff’s humble abode. we loved crashing there.

IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1990 IMG_1991



2.4.13. san francisco. we had spent two days in the city, following a comfortable night out in the overly rich town of yountville with our gorgeous friend sparks. she was a long-time friend who came all the way down from napa to spend the evening and welcome us to the city.

beautiful sparks enjoying the view
IMG_1939 IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1924 IMG_1922 IMG_1920 IMG_1915
muir beach

IMG_1911 IMG_1909 IMG_1906she was being uncooperative



adam practicing tai chi on the cliffs overlooking the pacific.

 a quick video of muir beach to give you some o’ that beach sea breeze vibes…comin’ atchya
IMG_1945 IMG_1947


adam and rosie chilling in our first official camp site. urban camping in golden gate.


we were the bums hangin’ in the shrubs that night


the next morning, left our campsite to have breakfast in this park.

we are alive

i am being selfish and have kept most of my writings in my personal moleskin as a more intimate way of connecting with my own experiences and reactions better so the writing on here has been nonexistent for a while… the photos are not up only because my lack of computer access for lengths of time. that should change if I can find a library.
we are alive and well, taking care of each other and also others taking care of us too. we’re outside of the sprawling l.a. area at this moment. getting from placerville to the west and down to l.a. was not easy by any means but i never said i was looking for a laid-back vacation. we have learned and grown so much already and us brothers and lil ro’ are very much alive in the physical sense and in all other forms. live the life you want to and be an example, don’t just preach the words, as my new friend john, the retired journalism instructor, had told me today.

1.31.13. placerville (the other side of the mountains)

the past several days after leaving tahoe. thought-provoking. enjoyable though difficult and helpful in learning. do i regret them, no, but i am glad to be out of placerville. we had some warm welcomes in one hand and some shady mixed signals in the other. hours spent on the gas station stoop led to some graciously accepted donations and a chance meeting with some ridiculous strangers who we would spend the majority of our time in placerville with. cathy, the woman had a contagious but almost overwhelming lust for life. she was generous and had a willingness to help us out, which was awesome. i don’t doubt we’ll run into her in venice beach where she lives. meeting her on the 76 curb was meant to be, no doubt in my mind. she offered me up the advice of not over thinking. people’s thoughts are just things as well, so to dwell on them is to live in the past and future, causing you to miss out on the present moment. i need to be present. cathy was helping me realize this as sitting within my own thoughts all the time can be hazardous. i can still be aware of my thoughts in the present, but just not so analytical. she called me out on that. i do feel I should take her advice, and try out living for living, not just for analytics sake. we stayed with a guy named casey for the first half of the week. a great guy who gladly took us in. he had a lot of things to work on with his own life though so taking care of two bums from ohio had to end, and we proceeded onward.

this was casey's teepee he started building and the massive fire he decided to make

this was casey’s teepee he started building and the massive fire he decided to make

placerville sunset

placerville sunset

chilling at casey's

chilling at casey’s with the pups

we were finally able to get out of the town yesterday, after having people go back on their word to us and screw us on a promised ride. someday I’ll go into detail about placerville, but for now, i am moving on. after a run-in with the local cops and being told to leave the 76, our camp was set up at the mick’s next door where we were fortunately offered a place to crash on our last night in placerville by a woman named kelly. great lady. a simple floor space and a warm spaghetti dinner put us right to bed. she took care of us and shined a light on a bleak town otherwise.


kelly's little car up top

kelly’s little car up top

we hoofed it to the local bus station but instead of taking the amtrak, we took a fellow’s advice while waiting there, and went on a wild goose chase around town hopping from local transit to the casino where we would wait five hours to get a free ride to sac. saved us some money so it was worth the wait and it worked out for the best. we camped out in the lobby for quite a while, fixing up meals right there on the casino floor. the shuttle finally arrived and we were dropped off in sac with no place to go. fortunately no sooner had we walked two blocks, a fellow cs’er named michelle contacted us offering a ride and a place to crash.


michelle being bashful. i enjoyed her modest nature. great spirit.


local spot down the road from michelle’s with some interesting graffiti.


the fancy place where we resided


a hawk keeps watch over the valley during sunset while we wait for our ride west.


so here i am the next morning, making note because i can finally say we made it out of that town and into the new. after the gourmet meal last night, a great chat with our hostess and a great night’s sleep, i am off to live and breathe.


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