by alexander johnny

“a roadtrip will tell you what your car needs done.” – my wise friend matt once said. (five minutes ago)

we left for tahoe, california with an angst for green grass and an uplifting sun, and makin’ our way across the white lands of utah. were we profiled? you bet your ass. just having been outside of the town before breaking down, we were pulled over by an official, middle-aged white man of governmental law who surely enjoys his mind-numbing reality television and shitty frozen dinners like the next one. all for not using a blinker. hm…. we then proceeded down the road only to find ourselves broke down on “the loneliest highway in america.” on the side of the road with cold toes and unwaivering spirit, we ran across a tow that got us back to the rural town of fillmore. nice town. nice people.

after a late-night mix of spaghetti and canned beans and a full nights sleep at the truck shop, we waited at the family’s small used car business just down the road for over half the day. making friends with the crew made the morning worthwhile while they offered up what little instant coffee and eats they had. favorable. all in all, if you break down in fillmore, i am sure you’ll end up at dearden motors while your car gets fixed. say hello to the owner’s little blonde wife who runs the front desk. she may offer to run you out to grab some food while you’re waiting…if you’re nice of course.

back on the road now. to the west.


little town of fillmore


on the road again