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"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth." – HDT

Month: January, 2013

tahoe and to the west we go

i cannot express enough, the love and spirituality that was bestowed upon us in tahoe. it was truly a benchmark on the journey, and my search for truth, spirituality and the good souls that are pressing our generations, nay, guiding our generations into a new enlightenment and being. i will never forget leova and eric. how can i ever repay you?


two very real, and awesome souls

we showed up in their slush-covered drive, in the dolphin, as weary travelers from utah. they welcomed us into their space, a cozy, one bedroom with living area and kitchen, where we lived in communion with them for the past three nights. it was surprising to me to be welcomed in with so much embrace. if i were to theorize, i would say my surprise comes from my natural tendency to always be on my guard from people’s hidden agendas, having been utterly shat on by the likes of both low-life strangers and trusted individuals. i believe it was the region i was raised in, where seemingly everyone has something to say or judge. to have those walls crash down and be taken in by these two truthful spirits was exactly what i have been talking about in my writings.

for now though, it is time for us to leave this place called tahoe. our friend daniel is leaving to travel through the mountains west to placerville. instead of hiking the 50 miles through the mountains he offered us a ride. awesome! west coast here we go! at least closer to the coast that is. good people being good people. that’s who we’re here to find. i don’t know where out journey will take us next but our souls will guide us. heading into the wild may bring more space between new posts. we’ll see.
to the west, the best, the golden end of the u.s. where the journey is only beginning on my search for truth. -alexander

we arrived on a cloudy day where a gorgeous fog settled over the lake

we arrived on a cloudy day where a gorgeous fog settled over the lake

IMG_1859 IMG_1858

on adam, rosie and my hike to the west corner by emerald bay

on adam, rosie and my hike to the west corner by emerald bay

IMG_1864 IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1869


away for a while

going hiking tomorrow.

need to get away from the touristy towns.
need to get away from the eggs an’ bacon
with a side a burnt toast and all the diners an’ dives with the wasted lives.
need to get away from the roads,
the cars an’ people for a while.
when i say people,
i mean the jailers, the thieves, the lawyers, an’ liars,
the long-winded naysayers with crooked smiles.

a solitude rewinds back to the roots of my trek.
go into the open wild and realize i say.
realize change spiritually, mentally and physically.
the others only entrap with their claims of “today’s” society being all that there is and ever will be.
a man cannot believe that and still go on
pretending to enjoy that life.
i am here, and not there. free.

breckenridge to fillmore, ut (the dolphin breaks down) >> fillmore to south lake tahoe

as previously mentioned on our travels from breck, to fillmore, to tahoe, here are some supplementary pictures. the journey was testing of the patience, but we made it.

IMG_1810 IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1815 IMG_1820 IMG_1827 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_1841


rewind to boulder. we met up with our buddy mike and our babe rachel, who showed us around boulder and welcomed us to hike, followed by a delicious dinner over at mike’s humble abode. master chef mike cooked it all up himself while we tried his homemade coffee beer. you could probably float not one but two bottlecaps on that head. we left late from boulder that night to return back to denver in prep for our depart for breckenridge.

IMG_1582 IMG_1576 IMG_1598 IMG_1600 IMG_1584 IMG_1590 IMG_1595 IMG_1603

beards and beers

beards and beers

rachy rach

rachy rach


these are a rewind from last week from our many adventures in the colorful city of denver. i really enjoyed it there. if you actually talk to the people they will gladly takl right back, unlike the cold midwest. i found some true friends during my stay there.


adam making a bold statement


buckwheat pizza




bumps on a log

IMG_1525 IMG_1533 IMG_1537 IMG_1543 IMG_1554 IMG_1563 IMG_1568 IMG_1573


to the west we go, in the west we are, from the west we’ll be – alexander


“a roadtrip will tell you what your car needs done.” – my wise friend matt once said. (five minutes ago)

we left for tahoe, california with an angst for green grass and an uplifting sun, and makin’ our way across the white lands of utah. were we profiled? you bet your ass. just having been outside of the town before breaking down, we were pulled over by an official, middle-aged white man of governmental law who surely enjoys his mind-numbing reality television and shitty frozen dinners like the next one. all for not using a blinker. hm…. we then proceeded down the road only to find ourselves broke down on “the loneliest highway in america.” on the side of the road with cold toes and unwaivering spirit, we ran across a tow that got us back to the rural town of fillmore. nice town. nice people.

after a late-night mix of spaghetti and canned beans and a full nights sleep at the truck shop, we waited at the family’s small used car business just down the road for over half the day. making friends with the crew made the morning worthwhile while they offered up what little instant coffee and eats they had. favorable. all in all, if you break down in fillmore, i am sure you’ll end up at dearden motors while your car gets fixed. say hello to the owner’s little blonde wife who runs the front desk. she may offer to run you out to grab some food while you’re waiting…if you’re nice of course.

back on the road now. to the west.


little town of fillmore


on the road again


good people helped us, though the town was stifling to the soul. crowded with people blinded by society’s false idols. i left them with their golden calf and we depart for the place of healing and truth. california!




rocky mountains under a sinking glow to the west.


leaving behind the night. bring in the golden rays of new.

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