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"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth." – HDT

Month: November, 2012

a southwestern sunrise

what you see, depends upon where you stand. -a friend of a friend


grand canyon national park – south kaibab trail and bright angel campground

this was our main goal of the canyon trek. we made it down to bright angel campground. take a look.

grand canyon national park – our new campsite and dripping springs trail

getting to the canyon. rigorously long drive.

tackling all the trails. worse.

yet i do not complain because what i gained was worth any of the struggle.

grand canyon national park – tanner trail

this was day 2 of our trek.

red rocks

the following day, we made a trek out to red rocks so i could see this place firsthand, having only been on the outside when we visited three years ago. oh yes, and eric found a random can of silly string. lucky me.


once again, i got to take the bike out to venture around the denver area. this time it was the highlands and west highland. great little parts of town, both residential and full of small businesses. i ran across some awesome paste-ups on the side of this business. very awesome photography. in addition, i was able to stop in a local shop called cork & coffee. an amazing spot that was started in the owners own home. I was lucky enough to meet shawn, and she welcomed me in with a smile and useful tips about the area. the house had tiny little tables intricately placed throughout the home that gave the place a cozy nature, with amber glows being cast throughout by street lamps and strings of hanging christmas lights. i could have stayed there all day and looked over the art on the walls and chatted.

live the life you love. that is all.

mount sanitas trail

well the weekend had hit so eric was free from working. waking up to a hot cup of chai tea, we witnessed the rowers landing their boat right on sloan lake from our tea-sipping, porch perch. later that daywe decided to get out and enjoy the sunny weather that is common in that part of town. a short cruise up to boulder landed us at the trail head called mount sanitas trail just off of maplewood i believe. a great little hike to get a view, right outside of boulder. that was where we met local couch surfer ashley, who i am proud to call a true friend and like-minded soul. she arrived with style alongside her traveling companion, her friend’s dog (princess) bhakti.

we all hiked. we all talked. we all bonded. then we hiked some more.

i could not have asked for a better day.

dt denver

pete works from home so while he sat down to work, he kindly let me borrow his neon green/babies off the balcony mountain bike so i decided to stroll downtown on it. couple of my faves here.

sloan lake

the departure


to leave.

mental, physical and spiritual movement.


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